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Mobile Home Movers & Service

Servicing Texas & Louisiana!!!

- Transport Wicho's has the people and the equipment to safely move your home. We uninstall and properly prepare your home for the move and we can provide wheels and axles if your home does not have it. While your home is moving is fully insured and all necessary state and local transport permits are included to cover the move. Before we can move your home, all doors should be taped or tied closed; all antennas, propane gas bottles, and porches should be removed and placed away from the unit; take down all pictures and mirrors hanging on the walls; no hazardous materials may be left in your home during transport including gas or oil tanks or any other materials which may be considered hazardous. We are fully insured and bonded.

- Installation Your home will be installed according to all state and local codes as well as the manufacturer's set up requirements. Your home will be accurately leveled and securely anchored. We can supply all the necessary materials needed for the installation of your home. You have to know that you may be responsible to obtain a building permit or letter of intent from the local officials in some areas prior to the installation of your home.

- Re-leveling If your home was improperly set up we can restore it to the right level position.

- Remodeling and Trim-out Wicho's service team is fully dedicated.

If your home need some repairs, our team has all professional members and tools

to perform the job, as our customers needs.Whether your home need repairs or new

style at your home, our service team is your right choice.

Whether your home needs wood floors , laminates floors , ceramic floors , ceramic tile baths , countertops laminate & tile , spray texture , paint , any wood trims , install cabinets , drywall installation etc.

Any repairs or remodeling, outside your home vinyl siding, wood siding, hardy panel & plank siding, vinyl skirting, rock skirting, hardy panel & plank skirting, under home insulation repairs or replace, spray paint any metal,wood,hardy panel siding etc.

To see some pics of jobs our team has perform, check out our gallery.

Service Department.